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Our Mission

Better Health and Better Future For patients  

Eivogen is a biotechnology company and  founded by top scientific research team with  excellent R&D achievement, Leading the R&D management of multiple drugs from early research (17 NMEs in 4 years) to global commercialization, We have unique technology and platform to discover, develop biological therapies  

Our Platform

EivoBest ™ platform 

use our unique engineering design technology  leads to more marketing advantages in the area of :

-  Target engagement

-  Pharmacokinetic characteristics

-  Efficacy and Improved safety

Novel BIologic platform 

New Generation of CAR-T Technology for the treatment of :


-Autoimmune disease

-Other therapeutic areas

Our Advantages


-Better architecture with enhanced selectivity, efficacy, and developability

-Proprietary engineering technologies for controlling the valency, half-life, and safety of the molecules 

-Better choices of costimulation factors for enhanced T-cell activation

-Reduced cost of manufacturing and treatment

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Eivogen Biopharma,R&D and Office  

Experimental Station, E400-3403

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